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Passionate Team

We are united by a commitment to look at some of the world’s most widely used medicines from a different perspective, to engineer an innovative delivery platform for active pharmaceutical ingredients, and to launch products that help people.
Our deep commitment to science is our history. Our innovation is driven by our strong and close collaboration with our world-class Scientific Advisory Board.
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Purposeful Technology

The utility of many established NSAIDs may be limited by their GI side effects.1 In order to help these drugs deliver their benefit to patients, we focused our efforts on mitigating GI side effects and enhancing absorption.

PLxGuard™ is an innovative drug delivery platform that selectively delivers active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) to targeted portions of the GI tract.

With PLxGuard, APIs are chemically associated with lipidic excipients, and then released based on a pH-dependent mechanism.

GI: gastrointestinal, NSAIDs: nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs


  1. Lichtenberger LM, et al. Association of phosphatidylcholine and NSAIDs as a novel strategy to reduce gastrointestinal toxicity. Drugs Today. 2009;45(12):877-890.