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A New Revolution in Aspirin Delivery

The first liquid-filled aspirin capsule.

See what makes Vazalore’s unique formulation different.

The Miracles of Aspirin Fully Realized

As one of the most widely used drugs in the world, it’s time for a new scientific advancement that allows aspirin to achieve its full potential to deliver on the cardiovascular benefits so highly sought after. It’s about time that there is a new delivery system for this life-saving drug – one that achieves fast, reliable, predictable antiplatelet activity and better gastrointestinal safety. It’s time for Vazalore. Clinical trials of Vazalore 325 mg have shown it has:

  • 3-5 times greater antiplatelet benefit than enteric coated aspirin
  • Faster and more predictable antiplatelet response than enteric coated aspirin
  • 65% lower risk of acute gastric ulcerations than plain aspirin

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It’s a Win-Win for Patients AND Doctors

If recommended by your doctor, Vazalore may provide:

  • Heart Attack and Stroke Protection
  • Predictable Antiplatelet Activity
  • Significantly Improved Acute Gastrointestinal Safety

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Doing It Right

Sometimes doing something right requires looking at the problem from a different perspective. It also means we don’t have to accept status quo and we’re willing to buck common misperceptions. At PLx Pharma we did just that – we took a different approach and engineered a better, more efficient and safer delivery platform for active pharmaceutical ingredients. We saw something good, but had a vision to make it better.

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